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What Is BMK?

BMK is short for BMK Glycidic acid(sodium salt), the CAS number is 5449-12-7.

Chemical And Physical Properties

5449-12-7 bmk

Typically BMK is colorless or light yellow powder,the molecular weight is 200.17,boiling point is 334.3℃at 760 mm Hg.Its stability is very good at room temperature and it is soluble in a lot of solvents.

The major function of BMK is to be an activator and protective group in the organic synthesis.

It can protect the hydroxyl to get the compounds like esters,amides.In addition,BMK can be used to produce the catalyzer in other organic synthesis and pharmaceutical intermediates.

How To Get BMK?

BMK can be obtained by the reaction of 2-methyl-3-phenylepoxyethane with sodium carbonate and strong acid.


  • Organic synthesis:

In Organic synthesis history, there is a man we should never forget,whose name is Woodward, graduated from MIT,got the chemistry Nobel prize, and use his lifetime to make contribution to the world.He synthesized a lot of important things which is extremely helpful to human,such as cholesterol, cortisol, brucine, reserpine, chlorophyll, moreover he successfully found out the complicated molecule structure like aureomycin ,and his student,Hoffman ,also got the Nobel prize.Due to him,a lot of people’s lives were saved.So we call him the “Father of Organic synthesis”

So back to organic synthesis,what kind of molecule is important in this field?One important factor is that it can synthesize a lot of other useful chemical products .BMK is just such kind of product,it is usually a kind of intermediate and resource in the organic synthesis,it can be used to synthesize dyes,pharmaceutical intermediates.

  • In the plastic and polymer field:

Talking about the history of polymer production,we have to mention the ancestor of plastic ,this kind of magic material, is the most abundant thing in the plants, cellulose.One chemist Seanberg discovered the plasticity of nitrocellulose,and he used it to produce rice bowl,cups,bottles;later people realized that nearly everything we use can be produced by plastic, therefore high quality plastic and polymer materials are paid more and more attention.

BMK has epoxy functional group so it can be used as an enhancer in crosslinking polymers.This kind of function can make the polymers more stable and stronger.

  • In the pharmaceutical filed

Pharmaceutical in the early days,are used to extract natural molecules in the animals or plants.And later evolved to synthesize the target molecules we aimed for.Typically,some great improvements are insulin extraction,the discovery of antimalarial drugs,the artificial synthesis of vitamins,hormones,and anti-tuberculosis drugs, hypoglycermic drugs are made.

BMK also has some application in this field.It can be pharmaceutical intermediates to construct the backbone of some anticancer or antiviral drugs. And BMK shows great potentials in making various kinds of drugs.

Saftey Considerations

When use BMK powder,please wear appropriate protective equipments,such as gloves and glasses to protect your skin and eyes. If you contact the BMK accidentally, please wash the trauma area with water and search for the local medical help.

Please use it strictly according to our product manual.And if you have any questions,feel free to ask ,we will try our best to serve you.

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