Now all products do not ship to the United States, Canada, Mexico area.

return & refund policy

1. If the package you received meets the following conditions, you can apply for a return and refund within 7 days of receiving the product:
a. If the product is damaged during transportation, please provide photo proofs of the outer packaging, express delivery slip, product, etc. after receiving the goods. If you cannot provide the corresponding photo proofs, it will not be accepted, please understand;
b. Lost items, wrong deliveries, or missed deliveries must be verified and verified by the courier personnel.
If you have the above problems with your order, please contact us as soon as possible. After verifying the situation, we will issue a refund for you. We recommend that you take photos of the problem product and describe it, and send it to us directly through online customer service or email, so as to identify the problem and send you the specific return and refund method. Customer service email:

2. The return and refund policy does not apply to the following products:
a. Any goods not sold on this website;
b. The product has been used or damaged, the label/factory protective film has been removed, etc.;
c. Exceeded the acceptance time limit (you will not be able to apply for after-sales if you do not contact customer service within 7 days after signing);
d. Any product quality problems caused by the customer’s abnormal use and storage;

3. Return/Refund Process:
1) Please contact the website customer service or your sales to inform the return demand, and provide the outer packaging, courier bill, product and other photo proof;
2) For orders that meet the conditions for return and refund, the return address will be notified within 24 hours;
3)Refunds will be arranged within 7 days of receipt of the return;
4)Return address: Wuhan bonded warehouse, kindly contact online customer service or your sales to obtain the detailed address information;
Notice:For more than 100kg, customized products, please contact customers or your sales to negotiate the refund amount;

4.Reissue can be arranged in the following situations:
1) If the product has not been received due to customs, all reissues will be arranged;
2) If the product has not been received due to logistics and transportation, all reissues will be arranged;

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