Now all products do not ship to the United States, Canada, Mexico area.


Customized products

Our chemists can choose the best synthesis method for the new and known compounds you need. We can provide custom synthetic products including but not limited to stable isotope-labeled analogues, building blocks, intermediates, nucleic acid derivatives, metabolites, impurities, standardized reference compounds, and combinatorial chemical building blocks.

What we can offer

Reasons to choose us

  • Delivering custom synthesis at off the shelf pricing
  • Process research, development and optimization
  • Small and large scale chemistry capabilities
  • Synthetic route design and optimization
  • Advanced synthetic and analytical platform
  • Cost-effective and high efficiency
  • Quality and purity guaranteed
  • Non-Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • MSDS, CoFA, spectral data
  • Custom packaging
  • Multiple product references
  • A wide range of stable labeled compounds


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