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Sodium sulfate, with CAS number 15124-09-1, is a compound that exists in two forms: anhydrous sodium sulfate (Na2SO4) and decahydrate sodium sulfate (Na2SO4·10H2O).

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SODIUM SULFATE CAS 15124-09-1 Product Information

CAS NO: 15124-09-1
EINECS: 231-820-9
Molecular Formula: Na2O4S
Molecular Weight: 142.04
Melting point 884 °C(lit.)
Storage: room temp
Solubility: H2O: 1 M at 20 °C, clear, colorless
Appearance: powder (fine)

SODIUM SULFATE CAS 15124-09-1 applications

  1. Chemical Structure: Sodium sulfate is an inorganic salt composed of sodium ions (Na+) and sulfate ions (SO42-). Anhydrous sodium sulfate has a chemical formula of Na2SO4, while the decahydrate form has a chemical formula of Na2SO4·10H2O.
  2. Physical Properties: Anhydrous sodium sulfate appears as a white crystalline powder, while the decahydrate form is a white, odorless solid. The decahydrate form readily loses water molecules upon heating, converting to the anhydrous form.
  3. Uses and Applications: Sodium sulfate has various industrial, commercial, and household applications. Some common uses include:
    • Detergents and Cleaning Products: Sodium sulfate is used in laundry detergents and dishwashing detergents to enhance their cleaning efficiency.
    • Textiles: It is used in the dyeing process of textiles to help fix dyes to the fabric.
    • Glass Production: Sodium sulfate is a fluxing agent in glass manufacturing, helping to lower the melting point of the materials.
    • Paper and Pulp Industry: It is used as a cooking agent in the production of paper and pulp.
    • Chemical Manufacturing: Sodium sulfate serves as a raw material in the production of various chemicals, such as sodium sulfide, sodium silicate, and sodium carbonate.
  4. Safety Considerations: Sodium sulfate is generally considered safe when used according to standard handling and storage practices. It is non-toxic and non-flammable. However, as with any chemical substance, it is important to follow proper safety precautions and handle it responsibly.
  5. Environmental Impact: Sodium sulfate is considered environmentally benign. It is not classified as hazardous waste and does not pose significant environmental risks when properly handled and disposed of.
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