Now all products do not ship to the United States, Canada, Mexico area.


Quality Assurance

QA insures the products from our company are prepared responsibly and in accordance with ISO 9001 standards.
  • Release of qualification and validation protocols;
  • Release of documents: specifications; Master Batch Records, SOPs;
  • Batch reviewing and releasing, archiving;
  • Release of batch records;
  • Change control, deviation control, investigations;
  • Approval of validation protocols;
  • Training;
  • Internal audits, compliance;
  • Supplier qualification and supplier audits;
  • Claims, recalls, etc.


In our laboratories and workshops, we provide quality analysis and inspection through the control of the whole process
  • Development and approval of specifications;
  • Sampling, analytical check and release of raw materials, intermediates and cleaning samples;
  • Sampling, analytical check and approval of APIs and finished products;
  • Release of APIs and final products;
  • Qualification and maintenance of equipment;
  • Method transfer and validation;
  • Approval of documents: analytical procedures, SOPs;
  • Stability tests;
  • Stress tests.

If the customer does not receive the goods due to customs seizure or logistics problems, our company promises to rearrange the second shipment free of charge, and the customer only needs to bear the freight part.

We can provide customized packaging and product customization services to meet all your needs and keep in touch.


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